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Django is a high-level Python web framework that enables rapid development of secure and maintainable websites. It follows the Model-View-Template (MVT) architectural pattern, and provides various tools and libraries to help developers build complex web applications quickly and efficiently.

In a Django training course, you will typically learn how to set up a Django project, design models and views, use Django's powerful built-in admin interface, and work with templates and forms. You will also learn how to integrate databases, handle user authentication and permissions, and deploy your application to a production server.

  • The basics of web development and how to build web applications using the Django framework.
  • How to create and configure a Django project and app.
  • How to create and use Django models to represent data in your application.
  • How to use Django's built-in URL routing system to create clean and understandable URLs
  • for your application.
  • How to use Django's template language to create dynamic and responsive web pages.
  • How to work with Django's built-in admin interface to manage your application's data.
  • How to work with databases using Django's Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system.
  • How to add user authentication and authorization to your Django application.
  • How to deploy your Django application to a production server.
  • Best practices and tips for building scalable and maintainable Django applications.
  • Django Setup
  • Django Project
  • URL Mappings
  • Templates
  • Static Files
  • Django Models Overview
  • Creating Models
  • Population Scripts
  • Prefabs in Unity
  • Models-Templates-Views Paradigm
  • Django Forms
  • Form Basics Code Along
  • Form Validation
  • Model Forms
  • Model Forms Exercise
  • Relative URLs with Templates
  • Relative URLs Coding Examples
  • URL Template Inheritance
  • Template Inheritance Coding Example
  • Quick Note on Custom Template Filters
  • Template Filters and Custom Filters
  • Template Filters Coding Examples
  • Django Passwords
  • User Models
  • Crediting the Author of 3D Model
  • Coding User Models and Forms Part One
  • Coding User Models and Forms Part Two
  • Registration
  • Logins
  • Working With Live

By the end of our Django training course, You'll also receive a certification that can boost your career prospects.

  • 3 Month
  • Skill Level Intermediate
  • Language English
  • Certificate Yes